Southern Star Woodworks

News and Updates


I made a Lego chisel sharpening machine. I keep my chisels in pretty good nick, so they don't need regular heavy sharpening. The diamond stone on the machine is extra fine.

Click here to see it in action!

A Lego Chisel Sharpener


I've temporarily closed the shop so I can get through all the orders I have.

Doing this kind of thing, with handmade items comes with a waiting period, but when the wait becomes extended because of a large number of orders, it causes me great anxiety. I've put closing off for awhile, I think perhaps in future I won't hesitate, just to keep things rolling.

Custom wand stand


Alright, the site has been redone. New customisation example photos and PayPal button integration.

I needed a break from the workshop, and now I've had that I need a break from coding!

Stained pine


I'm upgrading the website so I can sell directly from here instead of Etsy. They've been making some changes, one in particular being collecting fees from shipping. I disagree with that mightily, so rather than raise my prices and pass the cost onto you, beloved customer, I decided to fix it.

Work on the site includes making it so ordering is a lot easier, organising things so they're easier to read and redoing my customisation example photos. I've added this News and Updates section, even though no one except me will read it. I might even add a little thing where people can put in their email addresses for updates when I have new things for sale. No spam, I promise.

Nacho Cat