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Demon's Breath Charcoal Incense Burner

Demon's Breath Charcoal Incense BurnerDemon's Breath Charcoal Incense BurnerDemon's Breath Charcoal Incense Burner

Price - $65 AUD

Shipping within Australia - $15 AUD

International shipping - $25 AUD

An incense burner for charcoal/incense cones to bring fragrance and atmosphere to your personal space. Burning resin and/or herbs on charcoal gives you control over the amount of smoke you want to produce as well as scent. You can create your own custom incense blends, using purchased ingredients and even herbs you have in your garden.

Crafted from oak and pine, stained in black and cedar, finished in satin polyurethane. Included is a stainless steel receptacle to make disposing of the ash quick and easy.

You should place sand, soil or rock salt into the charcoal receptacle for extra insulation against the heat of the charcoal.

Please see the customise page for option examples.

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