Southern Star Woodworks

Customising Your Items

Here is where you'll find examples of how you can customise your items to your liking. As you can see, there are many different possibilities! Take your time to decide, and if you have any questions, or you'd like to see some colours side by side, I can do you up some new examples.


I have many colours of acrylic paint available, and of course these colours can be mixed. You don't have to settle for a plainly painted item, if you want a leopard print altar tile with a pink star, it's as good as yours.

You can have an item that's both stained and painted.



My collection of spirit based stains. I like these particular stains because they dry quickly, and they're readily absorbed by the wood. I can also mix customised tints for you.

Please note that because of the nature of wood, the colour on your item may differ slightly to what you see here. All of these stain examples have been finished with satin polyurethane.

Also, there will be a difference in how the stains look between the different species of timber. For example, you can see the difference between the Cedar and Pine examples, the Cedar is a tad darker. Take care to note the wood species of the item you want when looking at the stain colours.

Stained pineStained Tasmanian oakStained cedar


For finishes I use oil based polyurethane in matt, satin and gloss. Polyurethane seals and protects the wood and stain/paint from abrasions and keeps it looking its best.

When finishing white or silver coloured items, I use water based poly so it doesn't yellow the colour over time.

I also have Danish oil, for finishing natural timber.



The difference between a plain slab of wood and a nice looking base is a routed edge. You can choose the appearance of the edges of your altar tiles, picture frames, item bases and so on.

Round overCove ChamferOgee

Torched Wood

I have a propane torch with which I can scorch wood. As you can see, the pattern differs depending on the wood used. You could have a lightly scorched item, or go extra crispy for a dark appearance.

Scorched Tasmanian oakScorched Pine Scorched Cedar


You can choose a felt lining for the base of your item. It adds a splash of colour, and it also prevents your item from sliding around if you have a wooden altar with no cloth.



Luxurious double velvet to line your boxes with. I have 3 colours at the moment, though I can source different colours and material types to suit your needs.

Double velvet