Southern Star Woodworks

About Southern Star Woodworks


I'm Laz, and I've been a CoS member since 2009. I became an Active Member in 2017.

I started Southern Star Woodworks in 2016 after a bit of practice making wooden objects for sale in a shop/meditation group run by a couple of witches. I gained enough confidence to start making things that fellow Satanists might like, and so I've gone on from there. I've always been the creative type, so this allows me to make things that not only look good, but serve a purpose as well. I originally made this site with the intention of just selling off of that, but I eventually made an Etsy store to make it easier for people to purchase items.

I've collected a workshop full of tools and machinery along the way, I've also made my own jigs and things to help in the work that I do, for example the giant circle cutting jig for the bandsaw (Click here to see it in action)

I've gained so many new skills, honed old ones and had fun all the while. Here's to the future, magic and new creations! HS!

Credit goes to Manfred Klein for the fonts used in SSW sites and header, and Licoti for the tentacle brush used in the site header.

It's-a-me! Lazzy Doo!